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Get a new print literary magazine in your mailbox on a regular basis. Which one? What you receive changes month-to-month, but every participating magazine is a highly-regarded actor in the contemporary literary scene that publishes exciting fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry from new and established voices. Not only will you get to read the best writing being published today, but over time, you’ll get a terrific overview of the vibrant “little magazine” scene.
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Decide how often you want to receive magazines – every month, every other month, or once every three months – and during that period of time, you will receive a brand new literary magazine by the 10th of the month. Exactly which literary magazine you’ll get is a tantalizing surprise that changes every month. And you’ll never receive the same literary magazine twice.

Already a subscriber to some literary magazines? No problem. Let us know which ones when you subscribe and we’ll make sure to send others. Find a new favorite!
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Our subscribers include new writers, graduates of MFA programs, professional writers in need of a dose of inspiration, teachers and good-old, die-hard lovers of literature. Journal of the Month is the ideal way to become acquainted with the wide spectrum of contemporary writing being published in America’s literary magazines today.

The benefit of a Journal of the Month subscription for writers, in particular, is learning about an assortment of places where they might publish their own work. For birthdays, the holidays, even Valentine’s Day: it’s the gift that intimates I love you and I believe in the creative potential of your beautiful mind.
are you a teacher?
What better way to introduce writing students to literary magazines than to bring 4 into your class as the course reading materials? Inspire your students with the best hot-off-the-press contemporary writing while also teaching them about the varied and rich world of literary magazines.

Here's how the program works: you tell us the dates of your semester and when you'll need issues to arrive. Together we'll curate the list of magazines you'll receive, and sign you up for a FREE subscription as a courtesy. Magazines will always arrive a month before you'll teach them.

You believe in literary magazines. We believe in literary magazines. Writing students will believe in them, too, once they've had the proper introduction. Be part of a movement that ensures the longevity of literary magazines. You are what you teach; literary citizen unite!
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